studio S W I S H: 1st Quarter (recap)

This summer I decided to host my very first pop up art show and solo exhibition titled 1st Quarter in my hometown Washington, D.C. Over the past two years I have been working diligently to not only establish a brand in studio S W I S H, but a narrative and visual language. I felt that this summer would be the perfect time and opportunity to bring my vision to life and curate an experience around art, music, and culture.

I took a very 'DIY' approach to this art show and experience, starting with the invitation through the actual curation of the space. What inspired me to do a show was not money but a bigger idea and vision, which stemmed from a conversation I had with a close friends. Now me and this friend share a lot in common as far as taste in music, clothes, art, and literature. We refer to ourselves as the culture kids, the same reference Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston started when addressing that demographic of young kids who are vastly immersed in this present day renaissance.

Me and this friend share a great love and appreciation for New York City. We are constantly on instagram seeing all the cool pop up exhibits, fashion shows, art instillations, dj sets, etc. that constantly are going on. I thought, why not curate an experience that payed homage to all of that while further establishing my brand and bringing my vision to life. In one of its most simplest ways, I wanted to bring that New York flavor to DC the best way I could.

I decided to start with a selection of paintings I have been working on since my freshman year of college and put them on display for public view and purchase. Next we were able to find a gallery in Washington DC called The Fridge, that allowed you to rent out the space and completely curate it how you wanted.

How I envisioned the space was from 4-8PM, it would serve as a gallery, where my art would be on display and food and drink would be served, and then from 8-10PM the 'kids' would take over and we would play music. I used that designated time to do a live DJ set with visuals. I was very pleased with how everything came together and all the positive feedback. As mentioned in my artist statement I would like to continue hosting these curated art experiences in different cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

If you were not able to come out to first quarter, please stay tuned for future announcements on my next show.

Thank you for reading



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